Sunday, February 06, 2011

Dabney Turned 7

My dear girl is 7 now. I just can't believe it~ it seems so unreal. SEVEN. She was my first baby, born on a snowy Friday, eight days before her due date. Six pounds, 14 ounces. It was the day I became a mom.

I'm so grateful for Dabney because even at such a young age, she has a great servant's heart. She helps me and helps her brothers all the time. She is such a joy to me. She encourages me with hugs and brings me glasses of ice water "because you're pregnant". She can't wait for the new baby. She writes notes to her daddy and me just to say that she loves us. God is working mightily in her life and it's a great privilege to witness this as her mother. I can see her mortifying her sin, even though it is such hard work. She has a compassionate heart and a very tender conscience. I can see Jesus in her already doing His great work.

We love to have "girls' nights" together~ we stay up late together and paint our nails and watch a movie or be crafty together or make cookies or just read. We girls must band together in this house.

I know it sounds so cliche, but she is truly one of my greatest friends.
I love you so much, Dabney. I pray God's many, many blessings on you in your 7th year!

Ok, ok. Now to the family party pictures.

Did I also mention how beautiful she is?

Dabney asked for chocolate ice cream cupcakes, so that's what I gave her. Chocolate cupcake + scoop of chocolate ice cream + hard chocolate top. I think they were well liked.

One little Giedd wasn't feeling so great and observed from the couch.

Dabney has really enjoyed the shoe book series from Noel Streatfeild. I also gave her copies of the books in audio format since they're over 200 pages each.


Rebecca said...

Your description of your girl is one I could duplicate word for word of my girl. They would be such great friends, I know it.

I *SO* wish we lived closer to one another.

Loving all the recent updates and getting caught up with Giedds.

Grandma Lloyd said...

Happy Birthday, Dear Dabney!
We loved all the great pictures. You look so beautiful. We hope you had a great day. Those cupcakes look so yummy! We pray for all of you every day and always think of you. We pray you will grow closer and closer to the Lord, as you walk with Him.
We LOVE YOU so very much!

Rachel said...

I was so sad to not see her! It looks like she had a great birthday, though. How sweet she looks. :) I love you, Dabney! Happy, happy birthday!

<3 Rachel

Emily said...

Happy Birthday Dabney! :)
You are such a beautiful little gal! :)

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