Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Fluff Stash

Here's my stash of diapers for Baby Aaron! (I really like typing his name. Aaron! Aaron! Aaron!)
You want to know how I paid for most of these diapers? Swagbucks. Yep. You see my 'swidget' to the right? I've been working pretty hard to accumulate those $5 Amazon gift cards at 450 SB a piece. Though they aren't the only prize you can cash in for, I think they're the most valuable. I'm a member of Amazon Mom Prime so I get free shipping on all 'prime eligible' items, and, guess what. Bumgenius diapers are eligible. A fast way to start earning a lot of Swagbucks is to install their toolbar. It's fast, free, easy and you get 1 SB every day you turn on your browser. Besides the obvious search and win, I'd also recommend doing the daily poll and the "no obligation special offer" (NOSO) on their homepage. Money Saving Mom recently did a series of articles on how to maximize your Swagbucks and there's also Swagbucks for Dummies to explain things further. Last week, I had to order flowers and found a deal through their special offers and gained 645 SB for going through them. Last Friday I checked my credit score through them (over 800, baby!) and gained 945 Sb!

Sorry I didn't get to crop this picture (busy day today) but here are our Babylegs for Baby Aaron. Usually these are about $12 each online (plus shipping), but before you buy, look for them on eBay! I bought all of these from China for about $2 each, including shipping! The only downside to this method is waiting for the crazy slow shipping from China~ they may take a month or longer to arrive. But if you're waiting for your baby at the same time, it's no loss. (FYI, I have to hide these from Adam because he thinks all of the "sockies" are for him.)

Ok, last thing for today. I ran by JoAnns the other day to pick up some soft fabric for a little blanket for our little bundle and this is what I came up with~ minky dots on one side and that adorable flannel pirate print on the other. Since a few of his little outfits have a pirate theme going on, I saw this print and knew it was perfect. I even had a bit left over and added some more softness to some new burp cloths.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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