Saturday, April 13, 2013


When I've gotten a few minutes in the quiet of the night, I've been adding to my scrapbooks. I have been woefully behind  for months now and it feels good to be catching up. I've added our most recent pictures, but I have lots and lots of random pages to go spanning back to baby #1.

We're studying botany in school this spring so we popped a few beans into some soil and we've have been watching them sprout through our re-purposed soda bottle.
Also, this guy. So many things. Let's just say he's really, really "helpful". He's so helpful that he grabbed 7 eggs out of the fridge when I was apparently engrossed in writing my grocery list yesterday and cracked them on the counter for me. All this while standing on my kitchen stool. Yes. Really helpful.

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Rebecca said...

You have one of those types of boys too?!?!?!

Wanna hear something crazy? I have a baby scrapbook for Corynn. I have five pages done in his book for Andrew and then I got a digital camera and by the time the other two came around, I didn't even PRINT them.

I should change that because they longingly look at pictures of my firstborns and ask "Dis me Mama?" and I have to say "Nope. Sorry. You have NO pictures of yourself."


Good for you!

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