Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My First Outside 5K

There was a local running club running a tribute 5K in support of Monday's awful attack on the Boston Marathon and I decided (spur of the moment) to join them. I've been a treadmill-in-the-basement runner for a while now and this was my first outside run with actual humans along side me (but mostly running past me). I've got to say, I have quite a ways to go as an outside runner.

I won't lie. It was 25 degrees (not a big deal, and yes it was April 16th) but the whipping wind stung my lungs and it was pretty hard to breathe for most of the way. I know I was listening to music but the only thing going through my head was, "I am not a runner and this is torture".

 Meanwhile, Tim and the kids stayed in the car and stalked me and took photographic evidence for posterity and for YOU, faithful blog readers. :)

Please forgive my complete lack of makeup and my gross wind-tortured hair, but I tend to believe that of you look pretty at the end of a workout, you haven't done it right.

In retrospect, it really wasn't that bad. Apart from the wind and those experienced runners passing me left and right, it wasn't that different from my treadmill runs. Also, I don't like waiting for street lights to change when I'm trying to time myself...  Keeping my pace was a little tricky because I couldn't gauge my speed so I did have to walk once or twice especially when I got to the spot where the course travels UP Uintah.  I think I was running faster outside than I typically run on the treadmill. I've found a good pace that I can sustain through 3.1 miles, but of course I had no idea how fast I was running when I was outside running past the pretty part of downtown. The distance didn't feel any longer than normal either. Probably because I was running past Guiseppe's (where we had our rehersal dinner), Colorado College, the downtown library, Monument Creek, and our favorite hotel in town, the Antlers DoubleTree. All of those places are so memorable and special to me. 

I'm looking forward to my next outside 5k!

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Rebecca said...

wow. You put me to shame girl! I started jogging on our hill (when the weather turned more tolerable) but I am telling you it KILLS me. I can't imagine doing it in public! I would DIE, I am sure, after the first five minutes.

Well done lady!

(Ps. Despite me cracking up at your comment about when you look good you aren't doing it right, which was hilarious btw, you look SO good and not at all like it was hard at all for you. Again- if I even MADE it to the finish, I am quite sure I would look like a mangled cat. But then again- I will never find out... ;-)

I have friends who do that sort of thing for me. hehehe

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