Wednesday, May 01, 2013

My New Charging Station

Here is our old charging station. I bought it quite a few years back and it has definitely seen better times. I don't like it because the cords never stay where they should be, and it's ugly and its in the way all the time.

Here are the end tables that I bought off Craigslist last year. I really love them. They are exactly the right height and style that I wanted.I think they were $45 for the set of 2. The only down side was that it looked like they had been used as coasters for crazy people who had been doing shots of turpentine. There were small circles all over the top where the finish was completely gone.

  I knew they were solid wood and good construction and it wasn't any surprise when my husband brought these home (good husband that he is) and I opened up the first drawer and saw this:

          I refinished the tops last month and the idea for a charging drawer hit me just last week.
I drilled a hole to fit the plugs in the back of the drawer and in the back of the unit itself.

(Note to self: get some drawer liners before you take pictures!)

And there you have it. A spare drawer turned into a designated charging place. Now I know where my Kindle and phone are and still they are out of sight leave my countertops and tabletops clear.

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