Monday, August 28, 2006

I love my library!

I miss my library! It used to be 30 seconds from our apartment last year before we moved and had David. Now its about 20 minutes away, but definitely worth the trip! Dabney and I woke up early on Saturday and had a little date morning at the library. She got a library card of her very own, and we checked out quite a few books. On our way out, we stopped by the library's used book store and found a ton of beautiful picture books (and Real + Simple magazines for Mama) for only 50 cents each! My favorite was a book called Verdi by Janelle Cannon. It's a great hardback about a yellow snake. She is also the author of Stellaluna (one of my favorites of all time) and Crickwing- a tale about a cockroach (sounds ugly, I know, but the illustrations are just charming).

I love finding books for the children- we've pretty much decided on the phonics curriculum (Veritas Press) when we begin to teach reading and so we try to find reading and picture books from the curriculum's reading list. I think I'm comfortable with Veritas because I graduated from a classical Christian school and I guess I feel I can teach what has already been taught to me. I can't wait to homeschool!

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Rebecca said...

I can't believe your library has a good used book store! FUN! And DaNGEROUS! Our library, though very nice, has only one shelf for 'on sale' books and all of them are worn thin and MOST of them are harlequin romances! There is NEVER any children 's books...which would DEFINATELY be a downfall of mine!

When will you start on the phonics program?

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