Tuesday, August 29, 2006

My 2 blessings

In the prayer garden at Glorieta

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Rebecca said...

I just (by some fluke) found that comment of yours asking about the links section in the sidebar. Sorry it took so long to get back with you. I am not REALLY sure how you do it (someone came over who knew a lot about computers and did it for me.)

Now-I WILL tell you this-and HOPEFULLY it will help you. If you right click on ANY blog's background and click on 'view page source' the details of how that particular blog is made up will show up. If you do that to MY blog and scroll DOWN to almost the END you will see (eventually) a section with a LOT of blue links. IF you look closely, and read Damsels with an Address and then the listed links, you will be able to do it. The very LAST line of that is the base 'code' you need to add to YOUR template.

When you sign in to blogger, one of the tabs is called 'template'. Go into that, and scroll down. (THIS is the part that I don't know about-I don't know WHERE you would put it...) You take the code at the very bottom of the list of links and add the web address you want to make a link for between the first set of quotation marks and then between these signs >< at the end you put the TITLE of the blog (or what you want your blog link to read...) If you just follow the examples of MY links section you should be able to figure it out.

I TRIED to post the code here but blogger wouldn't allow the comment to be published. Sorry! It probably would have been LESS confusing to do it THAT way.

When you make your changes then you save changes. THEN you have to 'republish' your blog. Then you are all set!!!

I hope this helps. I realize that it is HARD to explain (AND UNDERSTAND) instructions for something like that over the computer...but I bet you will figure it out and surpass my blog knowledge in no time. Really. Because computer-wise I am SO DUMB!!!

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