Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Oh, yeah, Family Camp!

Family camp was great! It was held, like last year, in Glorieta, New Mexico about 4-5 hours away from our house- depending on how may potty stops you make! It was good to get away and the speakers were wonderful- RC Sproul Jr , and Pat and Carrie Hurd from somewhere in Texas, the parents to 11 children. It was neat to meet Denise Sproul and her children and I loved geting to know the Hurd family and picking Mrs. Hurd's brain especially! She has so much wisdom that I desperately need. I guess the thing that I appreciated about her the most was that she's just so normal! You could never tell that she has so many children! Truth be told, now that Mom and Dad moved, I really would love to have an older woman near me. It's so encouraging to me to see grown families with children that are all polite and responsible (and potty trained!). I can't help but think that we have such a long road ahead of us- we haven't even met most of our children yet!

We love fellowshipping with our church family and so 5 days straight were just a little bit of heaven on earth for us. Relaxing is good! It makes you so thankful for your family in Christ when you realize that you get along better with them than your unbelieving biological family. Praise God for like-minded families! Our good friend Bonnie Allen helped us a ton on the last day at camp and took a family picture for us and one turned our so good that I think we will use it for our Christmas card! Yippee!

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Rebecca said...

At the picnic we held, I had the opportunity to talk with a woman with ten children. It was SO nice, unfortunately I did learn one thing. Five kids or ten, sometimes you get overwhelmed-and she was.

I hope that we can become much closer, because frankly I NEED someone like that to talk to and learn from.

It must have been WONDERFUL for you. I would LOVE to go to a family camp like that!

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