Friday, October 27, 2006


The view from the front door. The van is on the left. The top picture was taken this afternoon as the storm wound down. I would have taken a picture through that window earlier, but there was ice frozen to it so I could barely see out the window, much less take a good picture.

We woke up to white out conditions this morning- we could barely see the houses across the street. The wind was so crazy, it was pretty hard to see how much snow we actually got. I'm guessing 12"+. Today was the beginning day of Tim's company's annual conference (thankfully here in town this year). I really wanted to go with him and stay at the Broadmoor (the only 5 star hotel in Co) but I also didn't want to risk taking my children into a potentially life threatening situation by taking them out into the horrible conditions. Tim attempted to leave today around 1pm and got stuck about 1/2 block away. Conditions cleared a little and then he left around 6pm and arrived safely at the hotel about an hour later. I'll meet him tomorrow with the children. Tomorrow's forcast says it will be 55 degrees here. Only in Colorado.


james said...

Those pictures are great. They get me cold just looking at them. I really miss that weather, ironic as it seems. I wish I was there playing in the snow with those kids. Well, I got to go paint some snowflakes on the windows.

Mandie said...

Dabney would have dragged you outside to play with her, Uncle James. She talks about you all the time!

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