Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hello, My Name is Mandie

And I am addicted to my Goodwill. ("Hi Mandie")

Ok, it began very innocently. I'd go every now and then when the kids needed something. Like shoes. I've found a few pairsof unused black mary jane shoes for Dabney and very cute little Buster Browns for when David is older. God has always been so good to us to provide exactly what we need. I've found Gymboree overalls for David and Gap dresses for Dabney. Then there are the books. I've found so many great hardback books there. Books that are on Dabney future reading list and beautiful picture books that we love to read now before she goes to bed. I've found maternity dresses from Motherhood. Then, as some of you know, Goodwill has supplied me with old chairs that I refinished and painted for our dining room table. This last trip wasn't long, we were dropping off some of our old things and while Tim unloaded it, I ran inside to see what I could find (we'd love to find a console table). The trip was only about 10 minutes but look what I found! Two little man shirts from Gymboree and 2 very sweet dresses! All together for under $4. Actually, I was in Gymboree a few weeks ago and I honestly almost bought the little Hawaiian shirt but I could not afford it. I think it was $12 on clearance. I bought it at Goodwill and paid $0.55. Ha! It was ON SALE at Goodwill!

I confessed to my husband this morning that I really wanted to go back today and see what else I can find, but he said no and he said he was sending me "Savings" vibes! (We really need to save money.)

Would anyone like to be my sponsor?

P.S. Tim saw the dresses and said, " Honey, They are sweet dresses, but I really don't think either will fit Dabney". I said, "They aren't for Dabney" with a grin. But, no, we have no announcements yet.


Rebecca said...

Gosh! you are so like me. I do the same thing. It takes all the willpower I have GOT now NOT to buy teeny baby things for 'future' wee ones.

Yesterday was our thrift stores half price day and I made out like a bandit too. Nothing for .55 though!

Behind the tree in the backyard-what is that cube thing? A compost bin?

Mandie said...

Yep, that's my compost bin. I made it myself! (With some of Dad and Martha's help.) I love tossing old food (no dairy or meat) in there instead of the trash can. It's going to help our awful soil and it's a little easier knowing that if things expire, they're not a total loss. Actually, that reminds me, I need to go soak it down today and turn it. In moister climates, I wouldn't need to soak it down, but moisture is a key ingredient in decomposition and we don't get a whole lot out here. There's a nice layer of rich black compost on the bottom I hope to use next year for the garden.

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