Monday, December 03, 2007

Back Again!

Giedd generations

Josh loves to get clothes for Christmas

We traveled to North Dakota on November 24th to visit with Tim's parents and friends for a belated Thanksgiving. We enjoyed our Thursday Thanksgiving as a five-some then headed north the following Saturday and I was so glad we could do it.

The Thursday celebration was quiet and restful and I headed out early Black Friday morning (*gasp* 4am!) and found some really great deals. I couldn't help looking around the stores so early and smiling~ I loved the thought of all these moms and dads, comparing prices and finding secret presents and good gifts for their children and each other. I guess my favorite deal that we got was for David. I didn't mean to, but I found myself in a 45 minute line to get inside Target when the doors opened ~I thought the store had already opened~ but because I did, I found the tricycle we wanted for his birthday for $30 off the regular price and there was only one in the whole store! Praise the Lord! And I am happy to report that while we were in North Dakota, I finished the last of the Christmas shopping! Yes, all of it! Finis! Now I get to joyfully wrap downstairs in my little workroom listening to Christmas music! I love that part. And it's also time to start compiling the Christmas cookie list. I usually make an assortment and wrap them up in cute tins, as gifts for friends and family. We put our tree up and the Christmas lights. I'll have to take a picture for you all to see.

We enjoyed our time in North Dakota, but it's hard to enjoy the weather when the high is 13 degrees and windy. Mainly we just hung out and enjoyed my in-laws' company. Tim's dad got to see Josh for the first time and his mom got to see how much he has grown since he was born in July. We also exchanged Christmas presents early to save time and shipping. I think my in-laws miss the excitement that kids bring to the Christmas present equation. I was glad they were there to see my kids open some.

Tomorrow is Movie-Release Tuesday! (read: date night) Tim and I don't get out together often, so when good movies come out on DVD, we grab one and put the kids to bed early and make popcorn and perhaps a strawberry slush from Sonic. Tomorrow nights feature: Pirates 3! I saw it at the theater last summer with some local Kauaian teenagers, but I'm so excited that Tim gets to see it now.

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Jimmy-mon said...

It's so fun to be a local-barefoot hawaiian,yah? And you know that we have fun watchin' da movie, especially about da sea! No really, that really was a lot of fun that night!

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