Thursday, December 20, 2007

Rave for Vision Forum

Just a note or two while my cakes bake and my other ingredients for this weekend simmer away.

First, My contest ends tonight. Anyone is eligible to enter and I know that some of you faithful blog checkers have not yet entered.

Second, Vision Forum is having a great deal online. If you buy a gift certificate online of $50 or more before midnight tonight, they will give you a $25 free! Check it out!

Thirdly, I've been listening to the B.C. lecture series from Vision Forum downstairs while on my treadmill lately and I must tell you they are spectacular! I've only heard the first two cds in the series and I've listened to them both twice. I simply cannot absorb all the information once or twice. It is fascinating history from a solely and thoroughly biblical perspective at the beginning of creation going until the time of Christ. As a homeschool mom, this is an invaluable resource. I cannot say enough about it.

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