Thursday, June 05, 2008

My Window "Mistreatments"

Dining Room

Master Bedroom
(This one wins the award for the most dramatic transformation)

Boy's Room

Front Room
(I am so glad I added the colorful panel~ but I might have to change out that upholstery tack for something a little less noticable)

Kitchen Window


Rebecca said... basically, you have gotten me HOOKED to this "The Nester" blog! I have been STUDYING it almost like a college COURSE! he he

And taking LOTS of ideas...

Guess what?! We might be moving.

Very soon.

Into our dream house.

With 90 acres.

We are just waiting for a final job OFFER (the interviewing process is done, finally.)

Anyway. Mums the word until we know for sure. THEN-just wait! :-)

Anyway. Love your curtains-especially the second ones down. Tell me, is it as simple as she makes it sound-or is it really difficult? And-if you use hot glue instead of stitching, can you still WASH them when they get dusty?

Ps. Love the table too...very very clever!

PpS. I like your hair! I spy with my little eye a VERY cute picture of your new do in your profile! L.O.V.E that mirror too!

I wonder if I will ever get to see your house in REAL life? I pray it is so. I want to see you in person so bad. Can you believe it has been EIGHT years? My my my. We are getting old, aren't we??

The Nester said...

look at you mistreating it up! doesn't it make such a difference to have fabric up?

don't forget to get your mistreatment club button for your blog!

great job!

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