Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Our Jumpin' Bean

On our latest trip to the outlets with family, the Eurobouncers caught the attention of our kids and their cousins and the dads while my SIL and I got lost in the Gymboree Outlet. (Think Gymboree clothes at Walmart prices). I emerged just in time to see my baby girl getting strapped into what looked like a deathtrap.

"Tim, she's only 4, please don't let her do this!" "Isn't that thing missing some shoulder straps?" "Are you sure she wants to?" Tim just smiled at me.

Then the machine drew the bungees tight and her little feet lifted off the trampoline below and her eyes grew wide. The man snatched her feet and bounced her way high and her whole body tensed. I heard a little moan.

"It's ok Dabney!" I said. "Remember when Angelina was scared of the highwire when she played the Rose Fairy Princess?" Now I know it sounds corny, but she really did relax after that moment. She even smiled.

She jumped high the next time she reached the trampoline and never winced again.


James said...

Hey Mandie!
I must say (although I really feel bad for Dab) that pic. #4 is ..well...really funny. I can only say this because I know she had a good time later on...of course. Anyway tell her I said hi and Uncle James is really proud that she is so brave.

Rodeo4Christ said...

Looking great Missy! :o)

I was just over there the other day and saw that gizmo. :D

Didn't try it myself.. (*GASP*)


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