Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Project Reveal

So a long time ago I mentioned that was making some presents this year for some little girls in our life for Christmas and I never told you what the project was. See, a few days after I began the project, we discovered the existence of baby #4 and since then I've been slammed to the couch with exhaustion. There goes the project. Until yesterday. I had been psyching myself up for about a week for the hauling out of the sewing machine and all the other accouterments and yesterday I did it and I hope that I truly am back in the swing of things. (And Cait, it reminded me of Penelope.)

This cape (above) is for a friend's daughter (you guessed it, Rebecca, hope it will suit Corynn!) and the cape in progress (below) is for Dabney. I have a fabulous silver metallic for the collar and it will be lined in grey. These capes are way fast to make and very satisfying, I must say. Perfect for the little drama queen in your life. Oh, and Rebecca, all I have to do is add a frog closure and your Christmas package should be in the mail very soon!

1 comment:

Rebecca said...


She is going to die!
or rather, fall in LOVE.

You are so wonderful to us! And Dabney is going to look GORGEOUS in the blue and silver one! PLease PLEASE post a photo of her wearing it, when the time comes!

As for packages dear, yours MAY be coming late. Only today did I begin writing Christmas cards! I am SO far behind...ugh.

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