Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Notice Anything?

She said it didn't hurt at all. The clincher was when she said, "Mama! I can wear earrings just like you now!" She's growing up so fast.


Rebecca said...

Little ear sparkles are just what OUR Little Miss is getting for Christmas this year!

What a brave girl she was! And so pretty she looks!

Grandma said...

Dear Dabney,
You look so beautiful, Sweetheart!
You really are a brave girl, too. It will be so much fun wearing earrings just like your mama! Your smile is the BEST, though! You just look like such a big girl now. I miss you all SO MUCH!!!!!
Maybe it won't be too long before I can see you again. I hope sure hope so. Be Good - hugs & kisses to you and your brothers!!!!

Rodeo4Christ said...

They are beautiful Dabney!! My sister also just got hers pierced this week as well....

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