Monday, February 02, 2009

An Addition for our New Addition pt. 6

Ok, welcome to our 4th bedroom. I've hesitated to do this post for almost a week, but the room really isn't done yet (will it ever be?) and I'm still lacking energy and motivation from the flu we all had last week. Our builder friends finished trimming and texturing last Tuesday and it looks pretty great~ as great as texture can look, that is, but that's another post. We also played musical beds with David this last weekend and moved him into a spare toddler bed we had in the crawlspace and moved his convertible crib into the new room. Ultimately we're looking for bunkbeds for the boys' room like this, hopefully with a trundle underneath one day to fit all 3 brothers in the same room.

So the boxspring is on the frame, but I'm waiting for the zippered mattress pad to arrive before I add the mattress and linens.

The crib linens are in the washer right now. See, I didn't even move my dropcloth out of the way for this picture. I think the books will be moving out of the room, but they're here for now. There you have it. I'll be working on it more this week, but the laundry really needs my attention today.

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grandma lloyd said...

Wow! How nice is that?!!! I'm so happy for you guys.
Now you have a 4 bedroom house, too! God sure blessed you all real good! (my southernism coming out!). Love you SO MUCH! Hugs & Kisses to everyone!

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