Friday, February 06, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

My dear Dabney,

Can five years really have passed since our sweet girl was delivered into our arms? It seems like the years have disappeared and here you are~ a big, beautiful, thoughtful girl big enough to have earrings and begin kindergarten.

God has blessed you so much, Sweetie. Your brothers love you so much and genuinely enjoy being around you. They love to play with you because you are kind and fair. In fact, you are so good to your brothers (even though sometimes they can bug you) that God has decided to bless another new brother by giving him you as a big sister! You have grown so much in your character: your patience is improving, your self control is developing (homeschooling is a huge help) and God has given you a beautiful heart for other people. It blesses me so much to see you identify obedience and disobedience, like what you said just last night when you knew you disobeyed, "I'm just like Eve, huh?"

You are a genuine help to you mom and dad, and we are thankful for you everyday. You are also growing in your practice of peacemaking and conflict resolution. This is a tough one, but for the oldest child this is especially important. We are blessed to be your parents, Dabney. We had no idea what we were getting into when we found out that we were expecting you, but God is so faithful and although we had some hard times when you were younger, the fruit we see in your life is remarkable.

We are so grateful for our Dabney. With our 3rd son in a row coming in June the thought can be intimidating, but we know this is God's blessing to us. And I know that God gave you to us first~ on purpose. You are a help already to us and you tell me everyday how you can't wait to help with your new baby brother. And I know you will.

May your heart grow in God's grace every day throughout your 6th year, and may He bless you one day with a daughter as delightful and beautiful as He has given to us.

With so much love,
Your Mama and Daddy

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Rachel said...

Hey Mrs. Giedd! Please tell Dabney that I'm sorry for not saying it on time but "Happy Birthday, Dabney! I love you a bunch!" Bye! ~Rachel

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