Friday, February 20, 2009

A Little Prenatal Bonding

Well, here we are 23 weeks along, and Sweet Little Guy is growing right on schedule. I'm full into my maternity clothes and visibly pregnant to the world. Unfortunately, when people hear that we have our 3rd boy in a row arriving in Spring, usually they offer me some sort of condolences, not to mention the just plain rude remarks. Even families who embrace lots of kids say something like, "Oh wow. Three boys... that's... exciting..." Which usually means something like, "I'm so glad that I am not you!" It's true that little boys take a special understanding, and that follows logically because well taught little boys turn into extraordinary men, so of course you will have to put in lots of work and prayer and discipline to reap wonderful fruit later.

Anyway, with all the hubbub about another boy, it brings me great joy to feel his kicks and acrobatics (mostly in the evenings and after I eat), to buy him little treats, and call him by his name~ which I might reveal to blogland later. Although he has a nice amount of hand-me-downs from his brothers, I feel like he still needs a few new things, so when I saw the little outfit last weekend at a store closing sale, I couldn't resist. I also have started and almost finished his baby quilt, which is made from little soft fabric remnants I've collected for a while. And since we will continue to cloth diaper, I made him a few dozen big, soft, turned and topstitched wipes. (It's the green spotted pile in the middle of the picture.) It is so sweet for me to think that in a few short weeks he will be here. His brother and sister talk about him all the time and can't wait to hold him. Some of my favorite baby memories of the others are at night, when the house is quiet and the big kids are in bed (I think this began with David) and our nightowl baby and I can snuggle together on the couch or take warm bath in the little tub in the kitchen by the heater vent. I'm so looking forward to meeting our Little Guy~ the eternal work God does in his life is so worth a few years of mine!


Norma Britt said...

How about posting some "pregnant" pictures. Would love to see you!

Rebecca said...

I double and tripe Norma Britt's comment!

I *thought* I commented to this post. Guess not, either that or the comment eater struck again. Oh well.

I can't believe you are 23 weeks (well, even further NOW!) My how the time flies when it isn't actually you being pregnant!

Isn't it FUN to prepare for baby?!? My, My~he is going to LOVE that quilt. I know I do--it is so full of textures and just screams "I'm as soft as a cloud!"

I *love* that last sentence in the first paragraph. You are right on, sister! You are raising a God-honoring ARMY and He will bless you for furthering His Kingdom. You should be VERY proud!

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