Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Dabney's Birthday

This picture is only to prove that yes, indeed we did go to the bowling alley again, like the last few birthdays. Although Dabney had the highest score (with bumpers) David was the crack up this time. Everytime he'd get his ball from the ball return, he'd say thank you to it. And I tried to get the look on his face everytime he's bowl his ball down the lane. He'd turn around and just have this serious game face on~ no smile, no jumping up and down like Dabney. Almost as if he wanted to say, "Bring it on!"

I wanted to get a group shot, but they kept giving me crazy looks. And after all, Josh just wanted to get down to the cake business.

But these two are always more than happy to oblige. David said, Happy Birthday, Dabney" all day long, and Dabney would just smile shyly and say, "Happy Birthday, David".

Five big wishes for our big girl!

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