Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Co-op 2010

This fall we're headed back to our friends' house in the country to learn about bugs and insects! You may remember that last May we participated in a co-op where we learned about trees, and my good friend Andie was brave enough to invite us back to their home so our group of kids could learn together again.

These jars are holding a couple homemade ant farms~ an experiment in what ants like to eat.

Everyone got to catch bugs and show them to each other.

Mostly, everyone caught giant grasshoppers, with a few caterpillars and ladybugs thrown into the mix.

My kids just loved it!

They're also creating another lapbook this time so there will be something tangible to put in their binders for the year. They'll be finished with them soon and I'll be sure to show you all of their hard work.

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