Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More Cat Pictures

...which is ironic since I've never considered myself a cat person.

(Look at his cool stripes!)

I guess he was just too photogenic this morning as he took one of his multitudinous naps on Dabney's bed.


Emily said...

They sure do grow on you Mandie... I didn't like cats before we got our first cat, then I fell in love or I mean I really liked them. Did you hear what happened to our cat? It weaseled it's way out of some little girl's arms on Sunday and ran off. Sadly, we never found it. :( I feel bad for it.


Mandie said...

Emily! That is beyond awful! I feel really terrible. Poor little Puddles. Maybe you can get another from the next litter? In the mean time, come snuggle Buster anytime you like!

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