Friday, September 03, 2010

My New Whiteboard

Ok, This one was really easy, guys.

My mailbox is down the street from my house. I hate that. What happened to the days when you can keep your cute mailbox on it's post at the end of your driveway? Seriously, is crime so bad that you have to keep your mail locked away in a cold, ugly, metal, communal box?. Ugh, sin. Anyway, I walk to my mailbox down the street everyday. On the upside, I also get to say hello to my neighbors and remove myself from our property everyday, too.

A few weeks ago, walking towards said mailbox, I noticed a house nearby whose occupants were obviously booted from the premises. The house had been for sale for a while, and the outside had been trashed. Literally. A crazy mountain of stuff was out by the curb. I scanned it but saw only one remotely salvageable item. This large frame. It's made of MDF and very heavy. It had originally been used as a mirror ~ I know this because there was still a shard lodged inside. It is almost 4 feet tall and as soon as I saw it I had an epiphany. I knew exactly how I could use it. A whiteboard! A huge, substantial, practically free whiteboard for our home school, that wouldn't look half bad! Look at those ledges! They are perfect for holding dry erase pens and erasers! I lugged it back to my house with my car. There were two ugly metal geometric medallions flanking the sides, which I promptly removed, then filled the holes with wood filler.

A few days later I went to Home Depot with my right hand girl. We bought a 4' by 8' enormous piece of tile board/panel board (mention that it will be used for dry-erase purposes and they'll know exactly what you need) and had the nice man at the store cut it with the giant wall saw into a 29x30"piece. That cost us $12, but I used less than half of that giant board and I have huge pieces left over in my basement now. So I estimate that the exact piece of tile board/ shower board set me back about 5 bucks. I pryed open the top of the back of the frame and slipped in my new whiteboard and voila. Couldn't be easier! And now look at what we have~ a substantial piece for our schoolroom that cost almost nothing. I love free stuff. And I'm not ashamed.

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