Friday, March 11, 2011

How Babylegs are Supposed to Look

(Ok, I know my finger was over part of the flash for the above picture, but I had to include it~ look at that face!)

So I posted this the other week~ Adam wearing my knee socks. I still have every intention on making those socks into homemade babylegs (by cutting the feet of the socks off and hemming the new end) but I ordered this proper pair from eBay and Adam just loves them. He calls them 'sockies'. Adam's very much an accessory baby. He loves socks and shoes and hats and gloves. Our other babies haven't been crazy about wearing extra clothes so this makes Adam a little bit of extra fun.

Josh was in the room, too and he wanted his picture taken with his big new Jeep.

I think he's pretty adorable, too.


Rachel said... Those pictures of Adam are absolutely adorable. The first and third?? Cannot believe how sweet he is.

And I loooove that Josh loves me! His hugs are seriously the best.

And all of the cute guys are around ten years younger than me, why? =)

James Lloyd said...

Joshua! I LOVE your jeep!! That is way cool! It's almost as big as you are! I love you, Honey - in about 2 more weeks Pop Pop is coming to see you all. Then, it won't be long before Baby Aaron comes and I will get to see you, too!!!! I can't wait!!! We LOVE you SO MUCH!!!!!

Little Adam....... you are so sweet and cute! The looks you can give!!!!.... my, my, my, .... those are sweet little baby boy legs!

LOVE you ALL so very much - will call SOON!!!!!!

Grandma Lloyd said...

OOPS! That comment last was from me, Grandma, not James......


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