Friday, March 04, 2011


Hello world. We've been sick. Our days this week have looked exactly like the above picture with me sprawled out on the other couch. And this week has really knocked me for a loop. You can definitely tell that my immune system is compromised. Thankfully, yesterday I had an ob appointment (30 weeks, baby!) and I was diagnosed with a sinus infection. I can barely breathe and when I can breathe, I cough. :(
Anyway, I am now plugging away on my new prescription and seriously loving Tylenol cold for nighttime. Our baby is doing great meanwhile. Dr. Skiles put the doppler up to my tummy to catch his heartbeat and within a half second, he kicked the doppler really hard. Another strong little Giedd on the way. Also, I have to make an appointment within the next week to pre-register at the hospital. Isn't that crazy? Where did this pregnancy go? And, I'll be seeing the doctor in another 2 weeks, then for the weekly appointments! Wow!

The highlight of my week came yesterday though when our new washer and dryer (and 15.5" pedestals!) were delivered and installed.

I cleared out the old machines (we're selling them on Craigslist) , deep cleaned the floor and touched up the paint. I had big plans for the new machines! I bought 2 - 10' inlet hoses and an extra large discharge hose because...

See what I did there? Since the doors open out I didn't want them facing the other wall the way the old machines did.

Did I mention that my husband also bought me the pedestals too?! I love them! They raise the machines to the perfect height and they hold all of my laundry things~ my iron, detergent, starch, dryer sheets and so much more!

So, dear blog readers, I need your help. How would you advise me to maximize the remaining space in my laundry area? Personally, I'm thinking I should add 1 very large shelf the width and depth of the new machines for more storage. Dad, feel free to weigh in! (I would mount a frame of 1x2's around the perimeter where I want the shelf, maybe 2" above the washer and dryer, and then screw down the big piece of particle board.) Whaddya think?

P.S. Nancy! It was so good to hear from you! I'm sorry I never got back to you! Yep, it's boy #4 in a row for us! (You can pray for me~ and I'm not being funny. These boys are wonderful but they wear me our very quickly.) I can't wait for Baby Aaron to arrive and for me to reclaim my body! I would like to feel like myself again. I can chase kids a lot better without a child stretching and kicking from within me.
How are you coming along? Did you peek at your ultrasound? Are your other kids excited? When is your due date? My technical date is 5/13, but I'm placing my bets on the first weekend in May.


Rebecca said...

ooo lala

Fancy Shmancy machines! Congrats!

Sorry to hear you all are sick. Feel better soon---and wow, your pregnancy HAS gone by quickly. Frankly though, I am hoping for 5/15 as the due date so we can share birthdays. And he will be an Aaron? I would like to name one of our boys, if we are so blessed, Aaron Matthew because Matt is Matthew Aaron. :-)

Get well soon. *Smooch*

Schaefer Clan said...

Hey Mandi!

We are due May 14th! Can you believe it?! It'll be exciting to see who goes first! My bet, if I was a betting person, is on you :-)

I will be praying for you- all those boys! No- we didn't find out- although I tried :-) You'd think after 20 plus ultrasounds, Id know what I was looking at, but nope. I am leary of the energy and will of another boy too- and it would only be our third :-)

I think Zach gets it this time (doubt the twins do), except he is expecting 2 babies to come out :-) We told him he has an exciting job this time- he gets to hold the baby, and I think he's looking forward to it. He asked if the baby is gonna fall out of my tummy to which I answered "pretty much" and then asked if his boy parts were "falling out", which gave us a good laugh.

I'm just thankful to still be running around this late in the game- it's a first for us to be in the "normal", non-high-risk category. It's starting to be uncomfortable, but I just remind myself it was worse last time, when I was measuruing full term at 28 weeks.

I'll also be praying for your sickness- we had it 2 weeks ago- it was soo draining!

It was soo good to hear from you!

Your Mom said...

NICE!!! It makes me want to do laundry - in your new washer/dryer! Those are really nice looking machines! I am so happy for you. Isn't it funny - the things that we get excited about when we are older... ily

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