Thursday, May 10, 2007

Preparing for Baby Bubba

These are prefold diapers (remember these Mom?) that I bought last week on I got a crazy good deal for so many! (You can buy them online for $3+ a piece, plus shipping.) And the lady sold me 6 Prorap covers too! Anyway, I washed them a few times in really hot water and then I dyed them the colors of the rainbow. (There are a few more colors out there, but I'm quite satisfied with these.) The colors will hide stains better and they will make diapering quite a bit more fun, than with just the regular white. The covers are white and that's enough for me. (Can't dye them, they're made of pul.)

These are the homemade diapers I've put away for Sweet Joshua (who, I am convinced, will one day be a famous soccer player from the way he kicks his Mama). I have 11 newborn fleece pocket diapers and 8 fitted diapers, size small, made just this week. Hopefully, I will be able to make at least one or two more pockets this week or next, I just ordered a little more pul (polyurithane laminate) that I need to complete the rest. I really can't wait until the little fella gets here. His brother and sister are very excited to meet him. Dabney talks about him quite a bit and David can say "Josss" ("Josh").

And speaking of David's language skills, he can also say "Thank You", "Please", "Cheese", "No" (we're not too excited about that one though), "Jesus", "Amen", "Juice", and "all done", along with the others he knows.


Rebecca said...

Those are FABULOUS. The idea of cloth diapering is so romantic-but whenever I do is NOT romantic.

But I can see how with all those beautifully handmade diapers-it would be more fun!

Joshua will look precious in them. Seriously-I hate CHANGING cloth diapers, but I LOVE to see babies in them. There is nothing like it.

Did you use koolaid to die those prefolds? I have never seen colored ones before and these are SO vibrant!

27 Year Old Retiree said...

AAH! The pic won't come up and I really want to see these homemade diapers of yours!

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