Thursday, May 10, 2007

It's that time of year again...

I love this time of year. Things can finally grow outside and, yep, you guessed it, we finally eat dinner outside and enjoy the weather! I love it. Something I'm missing though is planning a party. I had so much fun planning the luau last year but this summer, I guess I have my own "coming attraction" at the end of July.

Today was just a run of the mill Thursday but I thought I'd post, since I haven't done so in quite a while. I did, however, deep clean all the windows and mirrors of the house (along with every other "Thursday"thing that has to be done). Not just a spray and a wipe, but unlatching the windows and cleaning them inside and out. I also used newspaper instead of a paper towels, and voila, no streaks at all and I love looking out my "new" windows. Our windows get incredibly dirty and dusty from all the construction around us, but I must admit, they look pretty spiffy now! Talk to you all later!

Recently transplanted outside. I actually have 2 kinds of pumpkins growing (1 for decorations, 1 for pies). Actually, I also have zucchini growing too-the more squash the merrier I guess.

One of our lilacs. This is one of the most reliable plants and I just love it. The other lilac is green and leafy, but it doesn't have any buds yet.

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Rebecca said...

I know-we have been practically living outside too! It is so nice! I can't wait to SOMEDAY have a permenant location and plant trees and LILAC bushes (one of my most favorite flowers...)

Enjoy those things for me in the meantime, and I will enjoy them through you! :-)

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