Tuesday, May 29, 2007

We're Back

Yep, I wasn't posting because we were off the continent. (Don't you feel bad now, thinking I was a lazy blogger!)

We had a fabulous time in Hawaii. I really can't say enough about it. Mom and Dad and Cait and James were so good to us! They took us around and introduced us to their friends (and weren't embarrassed) and endured crying babies and let us eat their really good food and so many other things. All I can say is that the week passed way, way too soon for us.

I took a ton of pictures so prepare to be inundated in the next few days. I wanted to take a lot so we can remember everything we did (since I doubt very much that we'll be going back often) and the total topped out around 450! Yay! And that's before I use the photo editing software that I love so much. Actually the last of the pictures are being uploaded right now to Shutterfly and I already can't wait to get them back. (Now to find an album big enough to house them before I put them in a scrapbook...)

1 comment:

27 Year Old Retiree said...

Lucky! Your pics are gorgeous! I am so jealous! :-)

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