Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Springtime in the Rockies

This is the "before" shot. The sod is removed now and half of the beds are filled with good soil and compost and I made another trellis for the climbing vegetables.

"Dirt? What makes you think I've been eating dirt?"

Finally, I think Spring is here. Dabney and I have had our little garden seedlings growing in their little peat pots for a a while now and recently the weather is tempting us to put them outside. The kids and I are just loving our backyard again; we spent a good portion of yesterday out in the sun, playing on the park (Dabney) or digging in Mama's boxwoods (David) or just relaxing in a lawn chair reading a great gardening book (me).

Last Saturday was a great family backyard day. I built a trellis or two and finished up the raised beds planted a rose bush and Tim did the dirty work- he helped me remove sod. Dabney hammered the ground and flitted around like a garden fairy and David pretended as though he wasn't eating all the dirt. We got quite a bit done and the backyard is becoming more and more beautiful and functional too. Unfortunately we were so busy, I didn't get the camera out in time and when I finally did get it out the battery needed to be recharged. So, today's pictures are from the last few days after all the hard work was put in.

I still have quite a bit left to do outside, but sadly, some of it requires money, so we'll just have to wait on a few things- more good soil to fill in the beds, another rose bush, etc. But it seems ironic that even with the garden I'm not patient enough. The whole idea of the garden is to work and sweat and toil and plant and wait and water and wait and water and wait and water and then you reap when God has blessed. Maybe this garden will help me learn more patience. And truthfully there are only a few things I can begin to sow outdoors now anyway. The rule of thumb here is southern Colorado is to wait to plant outdoors until Mother's Day- the unofficial last frost.

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