Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Fixin' Up the Place

As you can see, my blog got a new "outfit". Do you like it? I'm aiming for the 'classical journal / homeschooler' look. I like it because it's a little less run of the mill, a little more personalized.

The kids and I took a crash course about Thanksgiving yesterday~ what happened at the first Thanksgiving, what we do to celebrate the day, why we celebrate, what a feast is, and why Thanksgiving should be an everyday part of life as Christians. We checked out 20+ books about the holiday from the library a few weeks ago and we plowed through about 7 yesterday.

Also, last night was Josh's first night by himself. *Sigh* For the last 10 weeks, Tim and I have been seriously exhausted while Joshua was in the bassinet in our room. He's also a kind of noisy baby ~ just fussy really. Plus, most nights I'd fall asleep while nursing him and obviously not put him back in the bassinet. Not only that, but I'd wake grumpy and impatient towards the other kids from lack of sleep. (I'm not making excuses for my sin...) So last night we had to do the hard thing and move the bassinet into Dabney's room and move Dabney into David's room so Tim and I could get some rest. I was pretty nervous about it... until I passed out from exhaustion when I hit the pillow. We would have put him in his crib in David's room but we really didn't want Josh to wake David by crying. We'll put Josh in his crib when he gets the routine down. I nursed him around 3am, put him back in bed and lo and behold, he slept until 8:15am! Praise the Lord! I woke rested for the first time since July and practically ran in to Dabney's room to see my infant sleeping peacefully. I'm so thankful for the sleep I got~ now I feel like I can be a better mom to all 3 children and get a jump on the day.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

I really like the new look!

You must have a very large library, to get so many books on one topic. I am a bit jealous! ;-)

So glad to hear you are getting rested up now!

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