Monday, October 01, 2007

Our Smiling Chunky Monkey

Check him out! When did he fill out? He just cracks me up~ I can't believe how big (and pale) he is! David was a shrimp compared to Josh! Which leads me to wonder... How big will Josh get?!?! Last Saturday I had to accept the fact that at 10 weeks old, he can't wear 0-3 month clothes anymore. It also happened to be that day that he started cooing and smiling (at the same time).

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

maybe he is bigger and more pale, but I think little guy number two is almost an exact replica to little guy number one in every OTHER way.

By the way, has Josh's eyes turned brown or did they stay blue-I can't really tell.

Also-I am glad to know (FINALLY) someone else whose babies outgrow the 'supposed' age/size ratio. My babies were always one size up. Halleluja-I am NOT alone!

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