Thursday, October 09, 2008

From Trash to Treasure

Tim and I have been looking for a long dresser for a while, just sort of biding our time until we found a good deal on what we were looking for. Well, that time came this week when a lady on Craigslist was selling an old dresser that she said needed paint. Her asking price~ $15. She had bought it at a garage sale for $20 and she was sacrificing it for $15 just to get it our of her garage. I replied as soon as I could because I knew that the deal would go really fast. Praise God, she emailed me back letting me know that she would let me have it!

It was painted this nasty, brown trying-to-look-like-wood color. I removed the ugliest drawer hardware the 70's ever produced and filled the holes with wood filler. I sanded the life out of it (or should I say, into it) and revealed a nice pine base.

The 60 grit sandpaper in the sander mouse worked wonders for stripping the paint.

After I sanded and sanded and sanded, I stained the pine with red mahogany stain from Minwax. I figured that this shade would be the closest match to our cherry headboard.

I just finished the 3rd coat of clear semi-gloss polyurethane tonight and I think it turned out quite nicely. I haven't replaced the hardware yet; I'm looking for just the right drawer pulls ~I'm thinking something rubbed bronze. I'm pretty satisfied how our $15 dresser looks now, and it will hold our clothes well~ which is why we bought it.


jsprik said...

i'm so jealous!!! this is gorgeous!! great job!!!

Rodeo4Christ said...

Wow... Amazing!!

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