Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I Forgot to Show You

I forgot to show you the hardware for the dresser we decided to use! Please excuse the mess on top (I'm still re-arranging contents) and the little feet to the left.

P.S. And yes I did make my own tassel for my dresser, but please don't tell Nester!


jsprik said...

the dresser looks fantabulous!!! i am so jealous!! i have junk for bedroom furniture right now!! lol hugs and good to see you back!!

Fruitful Vine Lady said...

You are so smart and handy with the power tools! I love the hardware you choose for your dresser. It really adds so much! And, you MUST teach me how to make the tassels! I am wanting to learn so badly! Will you teach me?


mom said...

great job, Mandie! I'm very proud of you (in the Lord, of course!).it's just beautiful - who would've thought it could become such a treasure? your children will cherish it in the years to come - the chest that Mama made!

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