Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October in the Flock

Sorry, I haven't been posting so much lately~ we've been a little busy lately having a smashing time with Aunt Cait, who just might be the best aunt in the world. We are all so excited to have her with us, especially the kids. They wake up and immediately start talking about what they can do with Auntie Cait today. Last Saturday Cait, Dabney, our friend Yvonne and I went to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch for a girls' day out and had a wonderful time in the gorgeous weather, riding the hayride and picking our pumpkins.

Did I mention that we are loving Aunt Cait being with us? To top it all off, we even have plans to sew together this week! I'm thrilled. It's been so long since I sewed something somewhat unnecessary! (And yes, pictures will be coming shortly of my projects.) Going to JoAnns with my sister for a big sale brought back so many memories of those crazy nights where we'd stay up late picking out our patterns and fabrics and waiting in line at the cutting table. Remember those nights, Mom? Fun stuff. Gotta go revel in my lovely fabrics now.


Rebecca said...

Hey pretty Mama! A picture of you is a real treat! October is such a fun time, glad you are making the most of it!

My goodness, Dabney is getting so LONG and grown up looking, especially in that top photo.

Have a wonderful time with your sister and I can't wait to see what projects will unfold! I got so sick of NOT crafting, I have finally tackled unpacking *all* my craft boxes and it is giving me shivers of excitement! Maybe, just maybe, I'll have some projects to reveal soon too! :-)

Rebecca said...

My email addy is

I left it on my chatbox but thought you might not check it there. I look forward to hearing from you but hope it isn't anything bad... :-)

mom said...

i miss going pumpkin picking! now i have to be content coconut picking! you guys look so great! i miss you all! have SO MUCH fun, okay? you are making wonderful memories!!! love you so much!!!!!!

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