Friday, October 03, 2008

Glider Make-Over

We bought this glider on December 23, 2005. I remember it well because I was 8.5 months pregnant with our first son. He wasn't due for 6 more days so I was glad to have the glider as an early Christmas present. Now this is not an expensive piece of furniture but it definitely serves it's purpose. I assembled the glider as soon as we brought it home (from KMart) ~ I love to assemble things~ and right before we headed out for a Christmas party. Of course, that very night after the party, I went into labor and the next morning delivered our Christmas Eve baby boy. One thing I neglected to think about was how dirty things get around babies~ diapers, spit up, etc. I really should have Scotch-guarded the whole chair.

Fast forward to this week. I've washed the chair pads many times and it really looks pretty bad. It may be "clean" but appeared shabby. And not in the good way. So I decided to recover the chair. I saw really beautiful toile fabrics at JoAnn fabrics for $15- $25/ yard, but I decided on the Walmart version for under $6/ yard. I think it turned out pretty well. And I remembered to use ScotchGuard.

It looks expensive, doesn't it? This whole project cost around $15.

With some extra fabric, I covered this 99 cent Goodwill lampshade (it was still in the original wrapping) and gave it some cool trim. I love how it turned out.


Rodeo4Christ said...

What a wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

I love the new chair. It inspires me to get a cheaper one at goodwill and decorate our new baby room in the Spring. Great job!!! :D

Rebecca said...

you're so clever!

I *still* don't have a nursing chair, though the thought has been much coveted for, oh, about...six years!

The makeover looks great and the addition of the lampshade really adds class!

PS. YOur new blog look is perdy!

jsprik said...

that's amazing, you are very creative and talented, i wish i could do stuff like that!! good job!!!

Fruitful Vine Lady said...

Will you come and teach me how to do mine? It is in desperate need of a recover! Oh, and I saw your comment on the Nester (mine is right after yours!). Is there something you haven't told me? : )(like I have to be in on everything!)


Mandie said...

Funny how you happened to see that. No announcement, I was just trying to think ahead. But now I wish I did have announcement.

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