Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Purge Continues...

It has been so great to be getting rid of all the things that have been cluttering up our home (and lives) lately. I've made a big list of all the areas in our home to go through and sort, purge and organize. I've found stuff all over the place that we don't need or use or want. It is so freeing to just let it go and step that inch closer to a simple organized life.

As you probably guessed from the last purging post, we are heading toward a garage sale in a few weeks now. However, we will be learning from our mistakes last time and doing a few things differently. First off, I'm inviting a few more families to take part. This makes for a bigger sale and really great company during the sale. The second thing is we will be advertising, advertising advertising. Two years ago we only used craigslist, but this time we will have signs and ads in the newspaper and craigslist, too.

Lately, I've been really in love with Craigslist. As you know, we got our free $90 stroller with their help, but also, I've been selling bigger things in a sort of a pre-garage-sale sale, just to get the big stuff out. I cannot even tell you what we've sold in the last few weeks! They include: a dining room table, a tv, a mini fridge, a few outside ride-on toys, a large hall tree, a small hutch- and much more. They were mostly things we bought right after we were married. And I've got more listings to go, ready to be posted tomorrow. With part of the money, we bought something that we've been wanting for a long time. Real bookcases. Pretty Bookcases. Now they hold all of our theology books and classic novels and lots more. Our hardbacks look so nice now! I'm even reserving a spot on the bottom shelf of each for a better looking container of toys. Maybe galvanized buckets, but we're not there yet. (And guess what is next on my list of things to sell? Yep~ the old laminated bookshelves. It's continuing the cycle!)

Also, I am now 27 weeks pregnant and you know what that means~ 3rd trimester. So apart from all of the nesting and sorting and cleaning and organizing and schooling, I am also making myriad lists for baby A's arrival. This week I'm working on food prep for the family while I am laid up. As I type, I have a 22lb turkey in the oven that I will carve and make into a few casseroles and other dinners and stick in the freezer for the baby adjustment period. I'm starting on the food now because gathering ingredients and all of the big batch cooking will take a while. It feels really great to be getting prepared!

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