Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Would Stacy London Say?

I've mentioned that I've been cleaning and tossing and organizing lately~ and hence, not blogging much. I've gone through every piece of my children's clothing that isn't stored in the crawlspace and making the kids put on little fashion shows while I decide what fits and what doesn't. Man does it feel nice to have all of the clothes put away coherently! I ushered out and stored all of the outgrown things, tossed the grubby looking things, brought in the next sizes up and assessed what was lacking in their wardrobes. Although I haven't been snapping pictures of our apparel adventures, here is my one piece of proof: my David~ who apparently has a fashion sense all his own and disagreed with half of the pile headed for the door. (And for the record it is: fuzzy sweater, short denim overalls, fuzzy sweatpants.)

And stay tuned! I hope to post our baby announcement prototype sometime early this week!

1 comment:

your mom said...

i love it!!!!!
thanks for sharing!!!
it always makes me S-M-I-L-E!!!
wish i could squeeze them all .... but they look soooo grown up!!! how did they get so big already???
thanks for making my day!

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