Saturday, July 05, 2008

4th of July '08

The 4th of July always holds such great memories for me, especially after we got married~ our first 4th was on my first ever trip to Bismarck and we had a wonderful time on the capitol lawn watching fireworks. The next 4th was in North Carolina for our family reunion. Two years ago, we bought our current camera and hung out in the back yard. Last year, we took a long walk around our entire neighborhood in hope to coax little unborn Josh from his comfortable position just below my ribs. Yesterday, we spent the 4th quietly, just the 5 of us, grilling hot dogs and watching the surprisingly good fireworks in our neighborhood. The kids had a great time, especially when s'more time rolled around. Hope you all had a great holiday, celebrating our great country and thanking God for our freedoms!

This was just two 4th's ago, can you believe it?

The red, white, and blue jello trifle is so easy.

1 comment:

Rodeo4Christ said...

Love the photos! Looks like a wonderful tasting jello. :o)

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