Thursday, July 03, 2008

Dining al fresco in the summer air

The evenings here have been so lovely that the kids ask almost every night to eat dinner outside. Dabney and David love to eat under the (baby) maple tree and they are free to run around (or crawl around) and they love it when Daddy crawls after them in the grass. They usually find refuge from him in their "park". For now, Joshua tends to stick close to Daddy outside and see what he can glean from Daddy's dinner. The poor guy tries to catch his brother and sister, but they run like wild banshees when they're in the fresh air. I bet he'll be running too, before the summer's out.

The only thing I could possibly add to such a sweet picture of the blessed life would be fireflies emerging as the sun sets over our fence for my children to catch.I grew up with fireflies and they really symbolize the joy of summer for me. Sadly, they seem to be non-existent in out neck of the woods.

I had to interrupt his dinner to get a good shot. He didn't appreciate being interrupted.


lovedbeyondmeassure said...

I love your blob and your family, How sweet it all is, I feel I am getting to know you better. You and Tonja inspired me , now I have a blog too.
Nancy K

Rodeo4Christ said...

What wonderful photos! They have both grown up way to fast. I remember holding Dabney as a newborn until little David came along. :o)

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