Friday, July 11, 2008

Crafty Friday

We really enjoy Fridays around here. I try to make it a fun day by having the big ones do something creative-or help me do something creative-to end out the work week. It's usually baking (for Bible study) or sewing, but recently Dabney got her hands on a watercolor set and has been painting ever since. Yesterday I framed and hung one of her "originals" and she is just loving being an artist.

He fell asleep mid-crawl the other day.

Also this week I've been making my favorite summertime ice cream cupcakes in anticipation of hospitality. They take a few steps with baking and freezing in between, so I can take my time across a few days.

Also, check out my newest window mis-treatments! I'm quite pleased with how they turned out~ and the master bathroom window treatment was free~remember my old homemade roman shade from the master bedroom? Yep. Looks a lot better now, huh?

I finally decided on curtains for the living room. Like them? I'm ordering tassel fringe for the new living room curtains today or tomorrow. And don't get used to the blue walls. But, that's another post.

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