Tuesday, July 29, 2008

House Bits

So you already know that I clip coupons and save the advertisements that come in the Sunday paper. But, I was having trouble keeping all these things neatly put away. After all, if you aren't clipping your coupons immediately, they have to go somewhere and after my resolution to be more organized, I thought and thought and finally I came up with the above idea. I'm really not sure why I hadn't thought of it before. So find yourself a pretty magazine file and never wonder where you placed your sale papers and uncut coupons again.

Last week I went to Hobby Lobby for a few things, then came across the clearance aisle and found everything int the aisle 90% off. Yes, 90%. This frame was a great color, but it was being clearanced because some mysterious embellishment had fallen off and only the glue mark was left. I found myself some black taffeta ribbon, tied a bow to match the proportion and whipped out my handy glue gun, which I've had since high school. Add a wedding picture and it's good to go.

Notice anything?


I keep forgetting to post this picture, but I think the fringe looks really great with our new curtains.

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