Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More Organizing

Pretty busy around here. Our exciting company from afar arrives tomorrow and the kids are just about jumping out of their skin. All I have to do is mention it and Dabney starts hopping, literally. We had a great day of fellowship here on Sunday, a sort of preview of some of the wonderful things to come. We had over a family of 11, my brother and sister, and another friend of ours. Thankfully the weather was beautiful and we enjoyed the outdoors most of the day.

Lately I've been cleaning everything. I even cleaned out the garage on Friday and Saturday and I must say it looks pretty great. I think the key to garage cleaning is using the vertical space available, namely, wall space. That night I also gathered all of our electric tools, hand tools, hardware, miscellaneous screws, anchors, nails, nuts and bolts and sorted, consolidated and organized them into a tool organizer Tim bought a while ago but never had time to put together. That project took quite a while and the aid of a good movie rolling while I worked helped the job considerably.

As you can also tell, I also re-painted our living room. The blue just outstayed it's welcome. When we first moved into our home, I tried to find a paint color for every room, and I did. Now that I'm a more mature homeowner (Ha!) I'm understanding more and more the power of a great neutral. A neutral that doesn't show up the other furnishings and accents in the room. A tone that warms the room but doesn't hog attention. I've explained my love of mis-tints from the hardware store before, so I guess it's no surprise that on my latest trip to Lowes I found a gallon of interior satin in a really nice neutral, so I figured for $3.49 (!) I couldn't go wrong.

So, yesterday I painted, and today is cleaning. Cleaning with a capital C. Why? Because the people who taught me to clean are coming to stay at my house. Last night I vacuumed in betweeen the sectional pieces and I found 3 crayons, 4 pens, a ruler, a postcard, 2 matchbox cars, $0.03 in change, $0.32 in play money and 9 (!) glue sticks. Believe it or not I clean within the couch quite regularly, but that was just crazy. And aren't I supposed to find at least 1 real dollar in the couch? What's up with that?

I'd better get going, the smudges on the doors from little fingers are calling me to clean them next.

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Fruitful Vine Lady said...

I am so excited about all your organizing! You are inspiring me, friend! If you finish and you are still rearin' to go, wanna come over and help me?? Your home looks fantastic! I need to do my kids' drawers so bad! Great job you!


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