Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Pantry

I thought I'd take this opportunity to show you what I've been up to lately. The short answer is that I've been organizing my home. I've been trying to accomplish this for a few years now, finding a basket for this and a place for that, however, I am not a natural born organizer. Now I love organized things but I have to work really hard to find a place for everything and make sure it stays there. I really admire those who can organize things well, and so does my husband~ which is reason #1 why I need to be a better organizer. So this week, I've tried to take the bull by the horns and just dive right in. With a family of 5, things are constantly needed to be tidied and re-organized so I thought I'd document my progress here to remind me how things should look. Tim thought it would be a good idea and so here it is.

Let's start with the pantry. I have a more extensive pantry in the basement, but I keep all the staples up near the kitchen. This isn't a huge pantry, so I really have to use the space wisely. I didn't have to do too much to the pantry to keep it uncluttered this week, but I vacuumed the shelves and took a few things that I don't need too often (like red wine vinegar)back down to the basement.

The little baskets on either side of this shelf hold little bottles and packets and other things that would otherwise float around the pantry and clutter up the space.

Gettin' low on oatmeal.

The blue and white bins are actually trashcans that I bought clean and new, but I keep potatoes in one and onions in the other, so onion skins and potato dirt don't get the space all dirty. All my tupperware is kept in the large blue bin.


mom said...

Smart! Smart!! Smart!!!
I'm so proud of you (in the Lord!)!!!

At Home Redesigns said...

Love an organized pantry. Looks great!

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